Legal services for people in Poland

Legal services for people in Poland.

Varés & Asociados is the benchmark Law firm for Spanish citizens in Poland and vice versa.

As attoneys in Poland and in Spain, Varés & Asociados offers the following services:
  • Civil Law: we advise and offer legal assistance in all matters related to Family Law (divorce, separation, guardianships, etc... ), Inheritance Law (wills, intestacy), filiation and paternity claims, alimony, Property Law and contractual liability.
  • Criminal Law: we take care of issues related to economic and financial offences, such as embezzlement, fraudulent insolvency and conveyance, traffic accidents, and all matters of Criminal Law in general.


Communication, efficiency, price. Your attorneys in Poland.

Varés & Asociados | Abogados en Polonia | Adwokaci w Hiszpanii

Stawki 2A lok.39 | 00-193 Varsovia (Polonia)

Tel. 24h: (+48) 884 09 86 20

Tel:          (+48) 221 21 85 71

Fax:         (+34) 912 17 12 73 

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