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Varés & Asociados is the leading law office concerning civil and criminal issues taking place between Poland and Spain.

Excellent legal assistance in Civil and Criminal procedures between Poland and Spain

From the mid-90s to the present, the links of all kinds between Spanish and Polish citizens have experienced an exponential increase. One of the consequences of this phenomenon has been the multiplication of legal issues of civil and criminal nature that are subject to the jurisdictions and laws of both countries. Varés & Asociados has been present in the market during all that time, which has allowed us to acquire valuable experience in the resolution of conflicts of this type.

We represent our clients in all phases of the proceedings, before any civil and criminal courts in both States.

The legal staff of Varés & Asociados is formed by lawyers with a high degree of preparation and personal involvement whose sole objective is the resolution of the matters that are entrusted to then in the most advantageous possible way  for our clients. The capacity of our lawyers is continuously recognized by the judicial bodies of Spain and Poland through a high percentage of favorable decisions.

Civil law

We provide advice and legal representation in processes related to Family Law (divorces, separations, guardianships, etc ...), Inheritance Law (wills, intestate succession), paternity, alimony, real estate, contractual civil liability, etc. ...

Criminal law

We offer an excellent detainee support service, available 24h a day. We also deal with issues related to economic crimes, fraud and misappropriation, fraudulent insolvencies, asset stripping, traffic accidents, crimes against health (drugs), extraditions and European arrest warrants, and, in general, all kinds of criminal matters.

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Legal services in the civil field for individuals


Our firm offers the best legal assistance in the market in Civil legal issues concerning Poland and Spain, which translates into a remarkable percentage of favorable judicial decisions.

Some of the main areas of our activity are:

Family Law

Varés & Asociados has an enormous experience in managing Family Law proceedings between Spain and Poland. Our lawyers offer excellent advice and legal representation before any Spanih or Civil court, on the basis of an extensive knowledge of Polish and Spanich family law and jurisprudence, and their constant practice.

We design and implement the most advantageous legal strategy for our clients, always aiming for the highest possible efficiency.

In the field of Family Law, we issue oral or written legal opinions and draft and submit all kinds of procedural documents in proceedings such as divorce, separation, paternity claims, maintenance, parental rights, etc ...

Typical issues:

  • Separations and divorces both litigious and by common agreement.
  • Custody, and parental authority.
  • Establishment, modification or dissolution of matrimonial economic regimes.
  • Alimony to children or spouses.
  • Paternity determination.
  • Alimony decisions enforcement in Spain and Poland.
  • Time sharing.
  • International child abduction.
  • Foreign judicial decision enforcement.

Inheritance Law

We provide holistic legal support to Spanish-speaking citizens willing to regulate their succession, or who inherited any assets in Poland and vice versa. To do so, we advise the client with regards to the appliable legislation in Spain, Poland and the EU, and we assistin every step and represent him before any concerned administrative institutions such as the Polish or Spanish Tax Agencies.

Typical issues:

  • Testament drafting and tax optimimization.
  • Representation before public notaries.
  • Heir declaration and testamentary poroceedings.
  • Management and sale of inherited assets located in Spain or Poland.
  • Representation before the tax institutions of Spain and Poland.

Claims to insurance companies and civil liability claims

Our lawyers aconduct extrajudicial and judicial claims for all kinds of damages (contractual an non-contractual liability) also against insurers.

Typical issues:

  • Extrajudicial claims.
  • Representation in legal proceedings for contracual and extracontractual/Aquilian liability.

Obligations and Contracts Law

The firm draws up all types of contracts -also in bilingual Spanish-Polish versions- in the field of civil law. It also issues  as well legal opinions on already drafted documents.

Debt collection

Debt recovery between Spain and Poland requires a thorough knowledge of the legal mechanisms, as well as strong-minded action. Avoiding time-loss in the search for a friendly agreement -when, as usual, the debtor does not intend to fulfill it- is fundamental. The first step is to interrupt the prescription of the debt, and act immediately by requesting precautionary measures.

Typical issues:

  • Negotiation of payment agreements and affidavits.
  • Judicial claim proceedings before the courts of Spain and Poland.
  • Precautionary measures (liens, forced mortgages, etc ...)
  • European Executive Title enforment.
  • Relations with debt collectors.

Polish nationality procedures

As of May 1, 2004, Poland is a full member of the EU. Varés & Asociados processes dozens of applications every year for the granting or recognition of Polish citizenship for descendants of emigrated Poles from all around the world. This allows them to access a UE passport and the advantages that this entails.

Typical issues:

  • Representation before the Administration in procedures for the granting or recognition of Polish nationality.


Varés & Asociados, by communication, efficiency and price, your trusted lawyers in Poland.


Criminal Law legal services

Varés & Asociados criminal defense lawyers have a high degree of experience and the necessary skills to successfully  advice and represent our customers in proceedings before Spanish and Polish courts for most crimes. Additionally, for those procedures that require high specialization, we collaborate with the most renowned specialists.

We are well aware of the special importance of the assets at stake in this type of procedure, and of the need of those who confront them to have constant and competent legal support. We are therefore available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some of the areas in which we develop our work are:

Crimes against public health (drug trafficking)

Varés & Asociados has successfully intervened in some of the most mediatic procedures in relation to narcotics and psychotropic large quantities trafficking between Spain and Poland. We have also helped on a regular basis drivers and transport companies involved in this type of matters.

Typical issues:

  • Legal representation before courts and tribunals of Spain and Poland in all phases of the process.

Crimes against road safety

We usually handle the legal defense of Spanish drivers who are involved in cases of DUI and/or road accidents in Poland and vice versa.

Typical issues:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or substances.
  • Crimes against road safety.
  • Reckless injuries and homicides.

Crimes against property

We assist investigated individuals for the following crimes:

  • Theft.
  • Extortion.
  • Scams.

Economic Criminal Law

We provide assistance to companies and to their managers in the context of proceedings for crimes associated with this type of activity. We also advice in the design and implementation of effective and reliable systems for compliance control of compliance and crime prevention.

Typical issues:

  • Fraudulent bankruptcy.
  • Dissemination and disclosure of company secrets.
  • Offenses against patrimony: fraud, misappropriation, etc...
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Crimes against the rights of workers: work accidents and illegal contracting.
  • Crimes against the environment.
  • Crimes against industrial and intellectual property.
  • Corporate crimes: disloyal administration, accounting falsification, etc...
  • Documentary and currency forgery.

Extraditions and European Arrest Warrants

Having intervened in tenths of cases every year since our founding, we are the benchmark legal office when it comes to legal representation in extradition and European Arrest Warrants before Polish and Spanish criminal courts.

Typical issues:

  • Representation in active and passive extradition proceedings.
  • European Arrest Warrants proceedings.

Cancellation of criminal records between Spain and Poland

Since the establishment of the European Criminal Records Information System (ECRIS), any criminal record from a member State is visible in the Registry of the rest of the States. Given their importance for issues such as obtaining a public job, it may be necessary to access the Polish or Spanish Criminal Record Registry to request the cancellation of prescribed records. For this procedure, we remain at your disposal.

Typical issues:

  • Actions before the Criminal Record Registry to process record cancellations.


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