Legal services for companies in Spain and Poland

Varés & Asociados zapewnia pomoc prawną dla firm rozwijających swoją działalność w Hiszpanii. 

Excellent legal services for companies in Poland and Spain

Comprehensive legal services of the highest quality for Polish companies in Spain and viceversa.

For many years we have been providing legal services to Polish companies in Spain as well as to Spanish ones in Poland. We know the challenges they face and how to effectively tackle them. Our business profile allows us to successfully meet the requirements of our clients, mostly small and middle-sized companies.

We specialize in Corporate Law, Bankruptcy Law, labour Law, legal issues related to real estate and Corporate Criminal Law. We collaborate with the most trustworthy specialists in the fields of Tax Law and international tax optimization. Our partnership with reliable accounting offices allows us to offer first class accounting services. 


Services for Polish and Spanish companies

Legal services for Polish companies in Spain

Varés & Asociados offers comprehensive legal help for Polish entrepreneurs running a business in Spain and viceversa. We take care of the safety of the companies as well as their managers´


Corporate Law

We provide legal services to Polish-Spanish companies from the moment they are founded to their closure. We advice in choosing the most appropriate corporate form taking into consideration its type of activity, its future structure and the related financial consequences.

Typical issues:

  • Establishment of any type of commercial companies, mergers and acquisitions, division and liquidation of enterprises
  • Establishment of limited liability companies
  • Company statute drafting
  • Shares acquisition
  • Work contracts for board members
  • MBO (acquisition of a company by its managers)
  • Shareholder meetings protocol drafting  
  • Control of the manager's activities and prevention against liability


Bankruptcy Law

Varés & Asociados offers legal support for both commercial companies in a difficult situation and affected creditors. We advise on restructuring proceedings, protection of creditors' rights, managers and directors liabilities and assets management.

Typical issues:

  • Negotiations with creditors to avoid liquidation of the company, or negative effects due to a late bankruptcy declaration
  • Negotiations with liquidators to obtain assets from the affected companies
  • Initiation of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in pursuing claims from companies in bankruptcy
  • Legal advice for managers regarding their personal responsibility

Labour Law

We offer legal support for Polish entrepreneurs in Spain and viceversa, allowing them to meet specific labour and social security standards in both countries and to effectively manage their employees. Our advice provides the opportunity to create a detailed human resources management plan, as well as to solve problems that may arise during the day-to-day operations.

Typical issues:

  • Employees hiring at every position, including managerial
  • Remuneration and compensation systems
  • Social Security Law, payments between Poland and Spain
  • Internal work regulations drafting
  • Occupational risk prevention
  • Proceedings before labour courts in Spain and Poland
  • Representation in front of Social Security inspectorates

Real estate and Building Law

We have extensive experience in Polish-Spanish matters regarding real estate development. We help in the acquisition, administration and sale of real estate of all types located throughout the territories of Spain and Poland, and we support our clients in proceedings related to the planning and execution of construction projects.

Typical issues:

  • Representation in construction contracts linked legal controversies.
  • Real estate audit (due diligence)
  • Real estate acquisition and sale operations
  • Drafting of contracts with architects and contractors
  • FIDIC contracts
  • Claims for liability
  • Public tenders
  • Lease and sale of commercial real estate
  • Support in access to private financing for projects

Corporate Criminal Law

We provide legal services to company managers and companies in financial criminal proceedings  as well as in the preparation and implementation of reliable and effective compliance and crime prevention systems.

Typical issues:

  • Debtor's actions to the detriment of the creditor and concealing assets
  • Secret revealing
  • Crimes against property: fraud, misappropriation, etc...
  • Offenses against the State Treasury
  • Crimes on the basis of employee rights: accidents at work and illegal hiring
  • Offenses against the environment
  • Patent and copyright violations
  • Offenses related to the activity of companies: investment fraud, accounting documents falsification


Tax Law

We count on an outstanding specialist in the field of Tax Law, who haves extensive experience in tax consulting provided to entrepreneurs and natural persons as well as in developing tax optimization international legal structures. We offer legal support in international, national and local tax law. We represent our clients before the courts of both States in administrative and judicial proceedings. We also conduct tax supervision over international commercial operations.

Typical issues:

  • Tax advisory in Polish-Spanish matters for companies and individuals
  • Representation before the courts in all kinds of tax related proceedings
  • Tax optimization international legal structures

Debt collection

Debt collection between Poland and Spain requires decided action. Most debt recovery companies lose valuable negotiating debt repayment agreements that rarely materialize. Our law office focuses on stopping debt prescription periods, and immediately try to secure the debtor´s assets in order to guarantee repayment. 

Typical issues:

  • Representation in enforcement proceedings
  • Enforcement of Spanish judgements in Poland and viceversa.
  • European enforcement order
  • Enforcement clauses (Article 777 of the Polish Code of Civil Procedure)
  • Cooperation with bailiffs throughout the territory of Poland

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Accounting services in Spain and Poland

In cooperation with our partner accounting offices, we offer accounting services and payroll services to Polish companies in Spain and viceversa.

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